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Guru 101 is just a 3D MMORPG sport that's grown tremendously when it comes to its reputation. Launched in September 2008, this free-to-play sport has managed to gain 20 million players at the time of July 2011 in accordance with Wikipedia. This amount is anticipated to increase as a result of its clear inspirations to the Harry Potter franchise. The most recent Harry Potter film has received over $1.3 billion dollars at the box office. Because Harry Potter doesn't have a MMORPG game of its, Wizard 101's fan base is expected to increase for many years in the future.

You're given the freedom to mention your soon-to-be magician, when you first play the game. The game gives you many funny and unusual names for you to choose from. Some of the title combinations you are able to choose contain "Star Stalker" or "Spirit Sword".

The game begins humbly no less when you are an ambitious young expert who would like to learn to use magic. Headmaster Ambrose can be your instructor and can teach the fundamentals to you of Wizard 101. When you first start playing the game, the references to the Harry Potter franchise is apparent from the get go. Ambrose even has a speaking owl friend. This can be a blatant reference to Harry Potter's owl called Hedwig.

When you start in Wizard 101, risk exists to threaten the place. Ambrose's major enemy called Malistare seems to strike you and Ambrose immediately. From here, Ambrose goes in to a guide on what battle is handled in Wizard 101. Fighting is done via old-school turn-based RPG battle, although opponents can be found in real-time on the game map.

A magical group appears at the center of the ground which acts as your duelling program. As every one in the overall game has access to magic, cards can be drawn out by you to call the kind of attack you want to toss on your enemies. It plays a little such as a match noticed in Pokemon. You are able to summon pets of all forms to attack opponents. In the beginning of the game, some of the creatures as possible call include a fantastic lion as well as a thunderous snake just to name several. In terms of magic that aids you in combat, an attractive unicorn comes up to cure you can recover both your attack and magic points.

Thoughts is broken finally able to defeat Malistare's minions, he runs off threatening that he'll be back. Ambrose knows he's preparing something and it is your responsibility to discover. You are taken around the campus for more information about what young wizards can perform in Wizard 101, before you are ready to complete every one of that. As if you are at straight back school on the initial day! It is

You realise just how much effort has been placed into Wizard 101, once you're taken around the university. It's hard to trust that this game is really a free-to-play concept. This game has all of the elements for a superior quality video game. There are genuine voices for sound files that even some Hollywood movies may envy and almost every figure you speak to, an excellent soundtrack. While this game has nothing regarding Harry Potter, the game's production prices rival those of EA's true Harry Potter games produced out in retail.

Being that Wizard 101 appeals to a younger audience, the gambling area and the entire setting of the game is pleasant and great. Players are rarely rude to one another and there are several talk choices that you could use to talk to other participants. Not only this, but people could participate in on any challenge and help you out anytime you are wandering off beating bad guys.

To help keep players being pleased about their Wizard 101 experience, players cannot combat other players on the specific Wizard 101 game map. The only time other players can be fought by you is in a certain area called the Arena. While the last time a MMO RPG game was played by me I admire this function a lot, I wanted to complete a quest however, many other person kept bugging to challenge him to a struggle. Don't expect any frustrating participants difficult in Wizard 101 unless the Arena is visited by you.

Something that might be difficult for many player is that health and magic aren't replenished after each battle. It's as much as the ball player when they desire to continue fighting or escape back home. It is possible to always use items to boost health or miracle or gathers particular wisps in the air which are boating.

As aforementioned, the production values in this game are really high. Graphically, the overall game resembles that of World of Warcraft. With that being said, you'll desire a very powerful computer in order to work the game. It is recommended you've a 512MB RAM computer to run it. The overall game will run more smoothly though a RAM computer will ensure.

Wizard 101 is one of many most useful free-to-play games I have ever undergone. It is a lot more fun to play than most activities you've to pay full price for. The gaming community in Wizard 101 are pleasant and helpful and the overall game it self can be loved by players of most ages. I'm sure Wizard 101's popularity may rise not because of its references to Harry Potter, nevertheless the proven fact that it is an excellent sport on its own merits.

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